In the footsteps of Jean Monnet, a few proposals for the EU


Jean Monnet


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by Olivier Dupuis and Carmelo Palma 1

Vox Europ, November 22, 2018

Let’s get straight to the point. We consider the opposition between « European federalists » and « sovereignists » extremely reductive, just as we consider that today more than ever the opposition between « Europeanists » and « European federalists » is abstract. Even the slogan « the United States of Europe » has become nothing more than a suggestion, unable to produce the smallest operational development. And then there are all the different scenarios that say, « let’s tear everything down and start from scratch » which sounds so much like « destroy the past to make the future ». Lire la suite


  1. Coordinator of the national board for Forza Europa

European public television

En Français In Italiano

Proposal for a petition to the European Parliament

A. given that European citizens’ understanding of the history and culture as well as of the social, economic and political reality of the various countries within the European Union, and of the very functioning of the Union itself, is in general extremely patchy and often distorted by outright political prejudice;

B. given that national media services are now regularly strive to promote souverainist and nationalist ideologies and anti-European rhetoric through the systematic misinterpretation of the activities, objectives and results of common European institutions; Lire la suite