Europe’s strategic suicide

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Geopolitica, May, 2021

The People’s Republic of China’s rise in economic, technological and military power and at the same the time, the transformation of its regime from authoritarian to totalitarian is the first threat to the free world and therefore to Europe in terms of preserving a global environment based on freedom (and freedoms).

The second is the strengthening of the Russian Federation’s power to destroy and destabilise, a power which does not translate so much into a new military threat to the Union since the NATO cooperation, which is important and strategic, has been renewed. But rather it has a very strong capacity to harm the interests of the European Union (and its member States) not only in its immediate vicinity, notably in Ukraine, Belarus, the South Caucasus, the Middle East and the Maghreb, but also in Africa. Lire la suite

European security: an abiding illusion and the needs of our time

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GeoPolitica, November 9, 2020

High tensions between Greece and Turkey, chaos in Libya, the Syrian tragedy, annexation of the Crimea, occupation of the Donbass by Russia and its accomplices, state failure in the Sahel, Beijing’s creeping annexation of the South China Sea, the accelerating neo-Stalinist transformation of the Chinese regime, the proliferation of cyber attacks – all constitute threats to the security of the European Union.

At the same time, in spite of real political problems (the level of defense spending in its member states, the Turkish question, the USA’s shift in strategic priority towards the Pacific, etc.), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization continues to represent, with the armies of its member states and under American leadership, the central and essential component in the defense of the European continent. Lire la suite