Adhésion de l’Ukraine à l’Union européenne

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Congrès de +Europa : proposition de motion particulière

Les signatures nécessaires à la présentation de la motion ont été recueillies durant le Congrès de fondation de +Europa (Milan 25-27 janvier 2019). Premiers signataires : Olivier Dupuis, Igor Boni, Massimiliano Di Pasquale. Adoptée par l’Assemblea de +Europa (Rome, 16-17 février 2019) Lire la suite

Adesione dell’Ucraina all’Unione europea

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Congresso di +Europa. Proposta di mozione particolare

Le firme necessarie alla presentazione della mozione sono state raccolte durante il Congresso di fondazione di +Europa (Milano 25-27 gennaio). Primi firmatari: Olivier Dupuis, Igor Boni, Massimiliano Di Pasquale. Recepita dall’Assemblea di +Europa (Roma, 16-17 febbraio 2019).  Lire la suite

In the footsteps of Jean Monnet, a few proposals for the EU


Jean Monnet


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by Olivier Dupuis and Carmelo Palma 1

Vox Europ, November 22, 2018

Let’s get straight to the point. We consider the opposition between « European federalists » and « sovereignists » extremely reductive, just as we consider that today more than ever the opposition between « Europeanists » and « European federalists » is abstract. Even the slogan « the United States of Europe » has become nothing more than a suggestion, unable to produce the smallest operational development. And then there are all the different scenarios that say, « let’s tear everything down and start from scratch » which sounds so much like « destroy the past to make the future ». Lire la suite


  1. Coordinator of the national board for Forza Europa

Turning the Council into a European Senate

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Proposal for a petition to the European Parliament

A. given that the European Union has dual democratic validation – on the one hand through the European Parliament, which is elected by all European citizens, and on the other through the Council of Ministers, which represents the governments of the member states –;

B. given that the Council (of Ministers) acts as the upper chamber of the EU; indeed, along with the Parliament, it is one of the two chambers where the European legislative process is conducted, having been set in motion by the Commission; Lire la suite

A Common European Army

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Proposal for a petition to the European Parliament

A. given that the United States, beginning with the Obama administration and accelerating under the Trump administration, has favored a progressive disengagement from Europe, the need for the European Union to establish credible instruments of self-defense is every more pressing;

B. given that an autonomous system of European defense in no way interferes with many member states simultaneously belonging to NATO; in any case, the principle of Atlantic solidarity is no longer in a position to safeguard European security on its own in a strategic framework that has ceased being dominated by two massive blocs, as it was during the Cold War, but is marked rather by their gradual, and problematic, disintegration; Lire la suite